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The proposed cuisine is born from the fusion of two important traditions, the typical one of the Livorno area which is combined with the noble oriental culinary art.

The creator of this pleasant mix is the Japanese chef Kazuyo who manages to interpret local dishes by adding a touch of lightness that never hurts. The menu is drawn up daily, based on the products available on the market, giving ample space to proposals pesce pescato proveniente dal Mediterraneo.

Almost every day you can find Sushi and Sashimi dishes, which represent the maximum expression of the flavors of the sea.

our dishes

  • Foie gras pate with Calvados €20,00

    (Duck liver paté served with brioche bread)

  • N. 6 Escargot €10,00

    (ground snails au gratin with Normandy butter and green sauce)

  • Crostone with anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and Burrata €11,00

    (Toasted bread with Spanish anchovies and Burrata)

  • Sushi and Sashimi 6 pieces €16,00

    (sushi and sashimi made mainly with local fish)

  • Cacciucchetto with cuttlefish and rock octopus €16,00

    (typical Leghorn soup with the addition of tomato and toasted bread)

  • Wild red salmon €19,00

    (Alaskan salmon served with Normandy butter, mayonnaise, salmon caviar and brioche bread)

  • Steamed prawns €20,00

    (local tiger prawns, served on a salad, accompanied by our mayonnaise)

our dishes

  • Misonikomi udon €15,00

    (Japanese miso soup with vegetables and udon)

  • Gnocchi with octopus and ginger €18,00

    (artisanal potato gnocchi with octopus and ginger)

  • Chitarrine with white fish €15,00

    (artisanal spaghetti with filleted local fish sauce)

  • Tortelloni with meat ragù sauce €12,00

    (artisanal pasta filled with ricotta and spinach served with beef ragù)

  • Livornese Baccalà fish soup €18,00

    (Icelandic cod in tempura served with tomato)

  • Tuna fillet €19,00

    (tuna fillet accompanied by a side dish of seasonal vegetables)

  • Yaki Wagyu €32,00

    (Japanese breed beef raised in Spain served with vegetables and Wasabi)

  • Catch of the day (price per Kg) €80,00

    (Steamed catch of the day served with mayonnaise and vegetables)

our desserts

  • Strawberry Caipiroska sorbet €7,00

    (sorbet with strawberries, vodka and lime)

  • Green tea crème brûlé €7,00

    (Matcha green tea flavored cream with burnt brown sugar)

  • Cheesecake with Liquore del Pastore €8,00

    (mild cheese cake with homemade milk and lemon liqueur)

  • Ginger Ice Crean €8,00

    (Ginger ice cream)

  • Spuma di Tiramisu €8,00

    (chocolate mousse with coffee mascarpone foam)

Enjoy your meal

We are waiting for you at the Enoteca Vinalia Restaurant, in Cecina (LI). Where Italy and Japan meet!